Colbetz Cattery Available

Sometimes I also have avaiable retired adult breeder(s) that I want to place in a loving forever home. 

Update - Pet Quality

*No kittens available

*at this time

They shall have been spayed/Neutered, microchipped and current on shots;

See photos at my Colbetz Facebook page be sure to click on "like" the page when you visit!
Thanks so much in adavance!

Price for each kitten $1500
$200 non-refundable deposit to hold your kitten
Price for breeders to an approved cattery is $2500 and up
$500 deposit required on Breeders.
All of my Pet quality Persian Himalayans are altered prior to being placed in their new home.
They have all necessary vaccinations. 
If you feel you are interested in purchasing one of my kittens, please fill
out my Adoption Application form for consideration.

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This page last modified: Sept 14, 2021