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Colbetz is a cattery name registered with CFA ( Cat Fancier's Association).

NEW I have created "the Inner Circle" working together with trusted breedersNEW

All Kings and Queens are CFA registered cats.

FeLeuk/Fiv tested negative. DNA tested negative for PKD

Our cats are bred to meet the CFA Standards. The best kittens are kept to show. 

Each breeder is shown to a minimum of Championship to be sure these standards are met.

We are currently breeding Persians in color divisions: Himalayan and Tabby.

The resulting Kittens will be CPC (color point carriers) which we will breed back to Himalayan with hopes of greatly improved body structure of our combined group of Persian Himalayan breeders

At times we have cats and kittens available as breeders, others will be neutered/spayed and available as pets.

I also have retired neutered/spayed adult Persians.

I am located in Columbus, Ohio 

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Kristina Kuhn Krumm

Columbus, Ohio

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I have designed this website myself. Please let me know if anything is not working properly! Kristina Kuhn Krumm

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