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Colbetz is a cattery name registered with CFA ( Cat Fancier's Association).

All Kings and Queens are CFA registered cats.

FeLeuk/Fiv tested negative. DNA tested negative for PKD

My cats are bred to meet the CFA Standards. 

I keep the best kittens to show and breed. 

Each breeder is shown to a minimum of Championship to be sure the CFA standards are met.

I am currently breeding Persians in color divisions: Himalayan (aka "Pointed"), Solid, Party and Tabby.

The resulting Kittens that are CPC (color point carriers), I will breed back to Himalayan,

with hopes of achieving greatly improved body structure of my combined Persian program.

I have cats and kittens available as breeders, others will be neutered/spayed and available as pets.

I also have retired neutered/spayed adult Persians.

I am located in Columbus, Ohio 

Thank you for visiting!-

Kristina Kuhn Krumm

Columbus, Ohio

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I have designed this website myself. Please let me know if anything is not working properly! 

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