CH Colbetz Black Barlow of Baby Himmys


Born: May 26, 2017

CFA Brown Mackerel Tabby Persian - Grand Pointed

Breeder: Kristina Kuhn Krumm; Owner: Jeanette Benner and Kristina Krumm

His Pedigree 


Rascal with his BEST KITTEN ribbon at the show in Springfield, IL from October 2017. He was just over 4 months old. Shown by me and so happy to get my first two finals that day. Rascal AND his brother, Tiger, each got one final at that show.

And he has continued to get a few more finals as an adult too! After the Oct 2017 show I left Rascal with Jeanette Benner of Baby Himmys Cattery in Rushville, IL. She has continued to show him in Region Six. I so appreciate the judges there for using him in their finals.

Judge Marsha Ammons

Judge Mary Auth 

have each been very kind to us!!

Rascal's Sire:

GC, NW Meow My No Holds Barred of Fursace

Rascal's mom:

CH Fursace's CoCo Chanel of Colbetz


While at Baby Himmys Cattery, Rascal, a pure Tabby Persian, has been very busy breeding the Himalayan Persians that reside there. He was definitely not "slow" to develope an interest in the girls, LOL.
He has already bred three of Jeanette's girls and he currently has 8 CPC (Color Point Carriers) kittens in the nursery.
We will be showing the best ones as kittens at Springfield, IL in Oct 2018. and offering the other kittens for sale as pets. Unfortuneatley together with breeding comes lost of coat, so he has not received any finals at the shows Jeanette has taken him to. 
Now that the girls have quit cycling and are raising their babies, we are hoping his coat will rebuild and he will be able to become a Grand Champion soon.

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