GC, RW Cacao Hamilton of Baby Himmys


Born: Oct 20, 2016

CFA Seal Point Himalayan Persian

Owner: Jeanette and Daniel Benner

His Pedigree 


Hamilton's fabulous vivid blue eye color is surely going to help our future generations of kittens. 

His mother and his father are each CFA Grand Champions and his pedigree is outstanding.

Jeanette and Daniel Benner purchased Hamilton as an out cross for their breeding program shortly after he received his Grand Championship. He was not yet a proven breeder and has been slow to have any "interest" in the girls. To date he still has not sucessfully bred any of the Queens of Baby Himmys Cattery. We are waiting patiently and hope to have him breed our new CPC babies once they are old enough for that.

Here at Colbetz Cattery, we are so excited that Hamilton has taken a liking to our Queen Ivy. This new litter is expected to be born this coming winter.

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