CH Colbetz Heuchera


Born: May 18, 2016

CFA Seal Point Himalayan Persian

Currently Reserved

His Pedigree 


Huey is a very affectionate and very playful boy. He loves to be wherever I am and will chase me down if I leave the room. His is definitely not a loner type cat.


Huey in Dec 2016 at the cat show in Columbus, Ohio as a kitten of seen months old. He received his Championship in Oct 2017 at the cat show in Springfield, IL.

Huey's father
Huey's mother

Here at Colbetz Cattery, Huey has been to closely related to the resident girls to be able to breed. He recently had his first litter of SEVEN babies after breeding my new girl, Marjorie.  They are part of our "Summer 2018" group of kittens and they are all for sale, as I need FEMALES and every kitten is a male in this litter. Huey has been sold as a breeder and will be moving to his new home in Oct 2018.

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