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Born: June 8, 2016

CFA Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Persian

Her Pedigree 


Marjorie as a kitten. Her breeder, Wendy, sent me this lovely photo of her.


Cat show at Springfield, IL in Oct 2017. Marjorie received a purple ribbon from Judge Marsha Ammons giving her, her first grand point. This day she received her CFA Championship. My granddaughter, Avery, is in this photo and always there to help show my babies. I so appreciate Wendy of Fursace Cattery for entrusting Marjorie to me

Marjorie's Sire (dad)

GC, RW True Star's Black Diamond


Marjorie's Dam (mom)

GC, RW Joleigh's Boots Wit Da Fur of Fursace


Marjorie is a very good mommie to her kittens.
She had a rough time giving birth to her first litter as four out of five were born breech and only two of those born lived to adulthood, Tiger and Rascal.
She had much better luck with her second litter.
Huey my Seal Point Himalayan was the sire to the litter of SEVEN and all born natural.
However: I needed females, and every single kitten was MALE!
Her third litter was yet another difficult birth, and only one kitten lived, my little Gary (but yet another MALE!)
I am letting her rest now, even though she came in season, I did not have her breed.
She is nearing 5 years old now, so I will probably only get one more litter before her retirement

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